Burning Memory Vol 2


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Burning Memory Volume 2

The ever present blues sensibility pervades Jazz, Rock, New Orleans Funk and Cajun elements of Burning Memory. Poetic verse, driving rhythms and cool ballads all put Span’s searing harmonica and warm vocals front and centre. His improvisations are unmistakably Doc Span. With his unique energy, power house playing and a tone that can’t be duplicated, he pushes the envelope in his passionate and innovative approach to harmonica, making his own style that is instantly recognisable and revered by his fans.

Burning Memory is Span’s first solo work in seven years. It’s multiplicity of styles, clearly steeped in tradition, reflect a broadly educated blues passion. Collaborating with Producer Parris Macleod, a sequence tracks evolved and the collections seemed to fall into two distinct areas of Doc’s life: from his roots on the east coast of the USA to his adopted home in the sub tropics of Queensland, Australia. So, Burning Memory Vol 2 – the Aussie songs - will be released later in 2017

The fine, international ensemble of musicians who brought the songs to life include Kevin Borich, Louie Shelton, Parris Macleod, Matt Hanley, Gordon Rymmeister, Leon Gayer, Chontia Robinson, Angela Fabian, Gail Page, Nick Davey and Garry Steele all backing their good friend Doc.

Analogue recorded and mastered, the songs are about life’s travels and experiences, good time stories that are filled with humour, groove, great blues and jazz playing.  Burning Memory is a labour of love that Span and Macleod have been working on at Diamond Valley Studios in the  Queensland rainforest.

Three years in the making, Burning Memory is a showcase of Span’s melodic Chromatic playing and his gutsy Diatonic harmonica vocabulary.  The album will be released later in 2016.

Let Burning Memory become a lingering memory for you. Enjoy the impeccable musicianship, the virtuosity of  the main man, the masterful studio work and the reality of the lyrics.

Stay tuned for the final release date of Burning Memory Volume Two.

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This track features Angela Fabian’s backing vocals and Matt Hanley’s guitar

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Kevvin recording
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