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DOC SPAN BLUES - Doc is currently performing his cool blues in the Doc Span Blues Band. They’re playing stylish, authentic material, performing  old favourites and new tracks from Doc’s upcoming album, Burning Memory.

The  Band evolves, but the key Players are Glen Muirhead at the keyboards, Gus Fenwick on bass, Max Sportelli on drums, Tim Gaze, Ross Williams on guitar and Doc, of course, on harmonica & vocals.




Again breaking new ground with his latest album, Doc Span’s Burning Memory, carves out a unique and personal trail back to family, friends and fond memories mingling with the exotic, mysterious and adventurous sites of his life story. Set on the porch overlooking his own back yard, Burning Memory originally had the working titles Rusty Blue Heart and Portrait.  The tracks paint an extraordinary retrospective life picture.

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Vintage Microphone

From time to time Doc tours with Nick Charles, Fiona Boyes & the Fortune Tellers, Blues on the Rocks (Kevin Borich, Phil Emanuel), and in NZ with the fabulous Darcy Perry Band, Mike Garner and Tura Rata.
A featured artist at the Thredbo Blues Festival, Blues at Bridgetown, Blues on Broadbeach, Devonport Jazz and Woodford Folk Festival, Doc has also played the Ipswich Music Festival, the Great Southern Blues & Roots Festival, Byron Bay Bluesfest and many others.

Hear Doc Live : Visit Doc's Gig Guide.


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Live In Australia

Live In Australia

the treatment

The Treatment

The Treatment




All About Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee

All About Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee

something for the pain

Something For The Pain

Something For The Pain

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Rare Recordings

Rare Recordings

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Blues music instruction CD


BLUES GROOVES FOR HARMONICA by Doc Span and Ross Williams is a topnotch introduction on how to learn blues for the harmonica. It comes with a detailed 28-page book. The book gives a brief history of the harmonica, a discussion of rock, funk, rhythm, blues, elements of music, tone, harmony, melody, tips for tongue blocking, approaches to dynamics, tremolo, style, and explains how to avoid choking the reeds, positions and scales, and bending, to mention some of the topics covered.

The CD will instruct as well as entertain, and it has helpful narration that helps the harmonica player learn the blues. The CD contents also include information on boogie, slow blues, mambo, and swing.

BLUE GROOVES FOR HARMONICA is an ideal gift, one that teaches, entertains, and is an enjoyable learning adventure in music. Excellent. Highly recommended for those interested in harmonica.Want to learn to play blues for harmonica? This is the book for you, and it comes with a very helpful CD! BLUES GROOVES FOR HARMONICA by Doc Span and Ross Williams is a delight.

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